Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
 Macks Inn > Warm River Campground

The early morning feels a bit chilly. I got up early and cooked some oatmeal. I want to leave on time, but first I have to pay the campground hosts. A nice lady and gentleman. She asked me for my website address so she could make a donation. One of her family members has MS, so when she found out about me raising money for MS she wanted to help. I gave her a “thank you hug” and she almost had to cry and quickly went back to her caravan. Sweet lady. 
At the other side of the road, at the gas station I bought some food and drinks for along the way. 
Then I had to cycle across an old railroad track to Warm Rivers Campground. Soft volcanic sands. Quite difficult I tell you, like there’s a long elastic rope tied up to your bike. Nonetheless it is a tour with very beautiful parts along the way. I also saw Sandhill cranes, a bald eagle and i'm getting a beautiful view on Warm River. Earlier you used to go through a small tunnel, but it collapsed. Now they’ve made a narrow trail around it. On this exact lookout spot there is a bald eagles nest. The campground is very beautiful and only costs $7 (for bikers). I just put up my tent and took a bath in the river, and I saw an osprey catch a big trout from the river, just in front of my tent. He is putting al the fly fishers here to shame. Quickly made some diner, I’m not sure what it was but it tasted quite good.
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#santosstory #rohloff #rohloffspeedhub #gatescarbondrive #vakantiefiets #fietsavontuur #fietsvakantie #fietstocht #liteseries #travellite #gdmbr #bikepacking

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