Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Warm River Campground > Flag Ranch Campground 

Last couple of nights I slept like a baby.  In my sleeping bag at 9 o’clock and out by 6 or 6.30. Those are some nights, great! My Dutch little nose is getting a bit better. It’s slowly getting used to the height, drought and probably heath. Anyway, this morning I’m up early at this beautiful Warm River Campground. From my sleeping bag I already heard an osprey diving for fish in the river at sunset.  While I was having breakfast I could watch another successful dive. Fly fish enthusiastics are standing in the river waving with their rods for hours to catch a fish like that. This beautiful bird just grabs what he needs to feed his family. Seemingly effortless. 
Today it’s going to be a long drive to Flag Ranch Campground. A beautiful tour, on my own pace trough constantly changing territory.  From Warm River I had to climb out of the river canyon, then continue trough farmland. What a contrast. 
At mornings end I got in to more rough terrain again.  Took a (second) breakfast at Squirrel Lodge. I keep eating and losing weight at the same time. What will my sweet dietician Mrs. De Vries say about that? I go past Yellowstone Park and Tetons Nat. Park. Leave Idaho and enter Wyoming. Steep gravel roads with a lot of holes and bumps. But I make it without any further problems. I did see a little forest fire far away somewhere in Yellowstone Park. As I arrived at the campground al the tent spots are full so I have to take a cabin. In the cabin next to me are three American men I’ve previously met. They aren’t going any further and are being picked up by their wife’s tomorrow.  They give me a beer and we talk about the past couple of days and cycling. After that they ask me to join them for dinner at the campgrounds big restaurant. Nice! When we finished our meals they give me their left over freeze-dried meals. 8 pieces. Now I have enough for the coming period.  

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