Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Abiquiu > Polvadera Mesa campsite 
After yesterday’s hard day, according to the route book today’s distance wasn’t very long. Pretty soon it became obvious why. It was a lot of climbing, I mean a lot! So that’s why they’ve kept the distance a bit more in check. The landscape was very beautiful and really different than what I’ve seen so far. On my way up I meet Chris and his group, only they where on their way down. One member of the group was feeling quite sick and wasn’t able to continue anymore. The group decided to give up for this year, and to next year continue where they have quit now. Anyway it was quite a struggle for me today, but eventually I made it to the campground I wanted to go. To be sure, quick Magda and Jos pointed it out for me (creatively with wood).  
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