Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Hopewell Lake campground - Abiquiu

Tonight it started to rain and storm quite heavily. It made me worry a bit about todays route. It goes past a few typically New Mexico villages and at one of them there is a small restaurant, which looks like a mess from the outside but supposedly they serve amazing food. Todays route is long and mostly by unpaved roads. Eventually the morning comes and so does the sun. Only they do forecast rain and thunder for later today. We take our chanche and team Chris, team Jos and team Koen all leave at their own pace, following the original route. It is a lovely route and a sunny day, only because of the length we have to stay moving. So I don’t have a lot of time to take pictures. As the day passes the sky is turning darker and darker. Eventually when we make it to El Rito, where the restaurant is I’ve been looking forward to for days, the restaurant is closed on Mondays and a downpour starts which cannot be matched. It rains, thunders and the wind is blowing like there is no tomorrow. We take shelter from the rain as good as possible until the worst has passed, and move on for the last part of todays track to Abiquiu, in between the lightning bolts. Searching for a good spot with WiFi to update the website. 

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