Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Campground 10 KM west of Marshal Pass > Upper Dome Reservoir Campground

Tonight has been a cold night, I put on everything I have, but still it was cold. I had to pack up in a bit of a rush, because the weather kept changing between rainy and sunny. Quickly I put everything(even wetter) on my bike and went on my way, maybe that will warm me up.  The first kilometres of today from the total of 100 km, goes trough the trees and still downhill, nice and easy. Then, after about 20 km there is a highway and a totally different landscape. Cochetopa canyon and then Cochetopa Pass. The landscape here is much drier, a bit like a plateau surrounded by mountains. It is a very nice view. Cochetopa meaning “there where the Bison’s cross” in Ute Indian language.  In the old days there would be hundreds of bison’s here to cross the pass. I can see the image in my head. In the book they are talking bout an easy pass…, well with todays strong headwind it’s not as easy as it may seem. I slowly move forwards, and when I try to put my bike on its bicycle stand to take some pictures, my bike is blown over two times in a row by the strong wind. It isn’t a very light bike, packed like it is. In the afternoon, after quite a battle, I arrive at some wetlands, which are declared bird sanctuaries. You are allowed to catch fish here and there are two camping spots with an outhouse. The sun is shining nicely, and I think by myself, I’ll do that pass tomorrow. This is where I’m going to put up my tent, that way it can dry in the sun and the wind. No sooner said than done I put up my tent, and it dried within no time. That sleeps a whole lot better. 

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