Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research. 
Diagnus Well > past the A&M reservoir

When I woke up this morning to hold my head under the fresh water spring, two partridges flew away. Of course they also want a drink every now and then. 
When I’m on the road for about an hour and was just eating a hand full of Trail-mix while I sat on a big rock, a big all 4x4 vehicle comes driving up to me, with a gentleman inside who is doing parts of the GDMBR by car. He asks me if I’m doing all right, because a hour ago he came across a motor driver who was also doing the Divide route. But she fell and probably broke her hip. She didn’t want him to stay with her, she had used her Spot alarm button so help would probably arrive soon she said. Well, accidents can happen at any time. I hope nothing like that will happen to me! I have to be careful going downhill and sorts, sometimes there are hidden holes or lose stones, which can easily make you lose control. 
The landscape is becoming more desolate and prettier. Truly amazing. I do have to go uphill a lot by trails that are difficult to reach. Sometimes I can hardly recognize the road. But the views make up for everything. I encounter a wild mustang for the first time, a truly amazing animal. And when I’m pushing my bike up the hill (which takes me a lot of effort), I see a toad lizard! So special! It’s impossible for me to take a picture of it in the situation I’m currently in. I can’t let go of my bike, I even have to use the brakes the entire time, otherwise my bike and me will surely roll back down. So I just watch until he is fed up with me and disappears. 
What a beautiful area! To bad I’m slowly getting into an area with more human activity, mining for natural gas mostly and a little bit of oil. It’s already gotten late, so I put up my tent with it’s back to the gas mines and facing nature. 
#santosstory #rohloff #rohloffspeedhub #gatescarbondrive #vakantiefiets #fietsavontuur #fietsvakantie #fietstocht #liteseries #travellite #gdmbr #bikepacking
#santosstory #rohloff #rohloffspeedhub #gatescarbondrive #vakantiefiets #fietsavontuur #fietsvakantie #fietstocht #liteseries #travellite #gdmbr #bikepacking #allizi_bikes_bussum

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