Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
B&B before Roberts Lake > Silver City

The distance from the B&B to Silver City isn’t to big, but it’s practically one big mountain you have to pass, steep and very long, after that the last 7 miles from Pinos Altos (a gost town which is slowly being renovated) luckily is only downhill.  The lady’s from the B&B gave me a nice packed lunch including fruit and sandwiches and pie and chips. They pampered me big time. At Pinos Altos you have a choice, to go around, directly to Silver City, or trough Pinos Altos and get a look at the old buildings.  I pick the last option and take some pictures of the old saloon and the opera house. It looks quite dark and closed until a lady comes out and tells me they are open and I can also have a look inside. They did a very good job renovating the saloon in Old-West style. It’s very nice and nowadays it is being used as a restaurant/café, with all sorts of old pictures hanging from the walls. Very nice. To bad it is still too early to have dinner there. The kitchen opens at 16.00. But it is possible to have a bowl of chili-bean soup. Well, I’ll have that please. Nice and spicy! 

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