Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Selkirk Campground > Hartsel

I woke up early, so I better get up. Because this campground lays low and is surrounded by mountains, it takes a while before the sun is able to warm you up a bit. So I start the climb back up the hill, then I’ll be warm in a couple of minutes anyway ;) Arriving at the top, besides of the fog in the valleys I can also see some autumn colors appearing on the trees. I remember some people in Wyoming and Colorado told me they where expecting winter to come more early than usual. So a have to move on! Along the way to Hartsel you pas trough Como, there’s supposed to be a little restaurant…. Not. Closed! The whole village of Como looks more like a ghost town than a normal town. There are a lot of nice authentic western style houses and buildings here. Maybe it can be made into something nice again. Anyway with a lot of trouble I found a place where I could fill up my water bottles and then I moved on to Hastsel. Also today I see clear blue skies in the morning, and in the afternoon it gets fairly cloudy. Once I arrive in Hartsel it starts to hail and thunder quite heavily. Thunder and lightning roll back and forth between the mountains, going over that poor Hartsel again and again. I eat a hamburger in the only restaurant there and ask about the grocery store and campground, which are mentioned in my book. Well they both are gone. I little bit further there’s a lodge where you can put your tent up in the barn during weather like this. So when I think it’s going to stay dry for a while I go to that lodge. Thought wrong… I arrive at the lodge completely soaked and run into Lisa & Chris who have booked a room there. Well I don’t need a room, let me just put my tent up in the barn. Eventually the manager lets me sleep on the couch in the lobby and doesn’t want any money for it. 

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