Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Stunner Campground > Elk creek campground

Today is a quieter day, through a beautiful area. We all left the campground more or less at the same time, for the new day.  Everyone had his own pace and was enjoying the beautiful weather and the stunning and interesting scenery. Like the old mining town of Platoro, nowadays you can rent a cabin here and there’s a small restaurant where I had my second breakfast. Further along the route I came across a small shop where I bought something cold to drink and filled up my water bottles at the pump.  Inmidietly some dogs in a ATV started barking at me, until I walked up the them to pet them, then they started licking me enthusiastically! 
At night we had lost Chris’ group, they stayed at a other campground. Jos and I where craving for a beer, the map showed a small shop near our campground, so we went on our way. But they didn’t sell beer, instead we had an ice-cold Coke on the shops porch. A lot of small animals here who come and go: hummingbirds in al sorts and shapes, all sorts of other small birds, squirrels and ground squirrels. Everything was running and flying around and chasing each other. It was real nice to see. 

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