Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Designated Hunters’ camp > spot along FR456

The breathtaking sunrise also inspires a lot of birds to let themselves be heard. Fantastically beautiful. Along the way I quickly filtered some more water at the only spring in the area. I’ll try to cover some extra miles today, so tomorrow afternoon I’ll have some more time in the town of Grants. It means I’ll have to do at least an extra 20 mile, because it runs over private territory where it is not allowed to hunt, fish or camp. Along the way I pass a hunters’ camp where I ask if I can have some water to fill up my water supply, which shrunk a bit already. All guys wearing a camouflage suit and sunglasses. But they are extremely friendly and give me a lot of water and soda. Great! Around two in the afternoon I arrive at the gate entrance of the private property. I decide to move on and I will just see how far I’ll get. The terrain is rough because of the loose sand and I’m climbing the whole time. But also today the landscape is very beautiful. Along the way I see a little house like the settlers used to build them. You wonder what it was the people saw in this dry emptiness. What an eternal process to get some bread from this poor soil. Eventually, at the end of the day I made it trough the private property, and search and find a place to camp along a FR (forest road) with a beautiful view. 

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