Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Steamboat Lake Campground > Kremmling

This morning there was some frost on the tent and on the grass again. Fortunately I wasn’t cold in my tent tonight. I did hear a lot of coyotes tonight calling each other from a distance. Strange sound. I take a picture of the host and hostess: Sally and Cliff, before I leave and my campsite neighbours (Spanish speaking Americans) give me a whole bag of fruit and pieces of chicken. How great is that! 
At the neighbouring campground I can take a shower for $1 and they also have I little shop where I hopefully can finally buy some batteries for my GPS. To bad they don’t have the right ones on stock. Well I guess AA penlite batteries are not really common :) I go further by map but with my speedometer next to it, you start to wonder why you haven’t seen that junction or stream. And going back or making a detour isn’t fun, so I have to ask the road at one of those beautiful houses or farms. Same old story unfortunately, nobody’s home. When i'm somewhere eating the fruit I got this morning, a pick-up truck stops with a hunter inside, who asks me if everything’s alright. I ask him, if he could possibly point out on the map our exact location, because my GPS doesn’t work, as the batteries are empty. I’ve had the same problem in the forest the last couple of days he tells me.  Throw your bike in the back of my truck and we’ll go to the hardware store for some batteries! Just like that I got to Kremmling quick and easy, where he also buys me a hamburger! Lovely folk those Americans!  

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