Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Kremlin > Heaton Bay Campground (Dillon Reservoir)

Yesterday after I did some grocery shopping, I went to the local library to use the Internet. I also asked where I could find a nice but affordable place to stay for the night. I ended up in a nice updated western-style hotel. Nice room, but very small. There are so many pillows on the bed there was no way I could sleep on there. So I put the pillows on a pile against the inside of the door. That way there was still a little bit of room left to move around. Next morning during breakfast on the other side of the road, I met two other GDMBR riders, two young fellas from Seattle. They both where extremely long, probably about two metres. I leave early again, today I’ll have to do a lot of KM’s including another pass. Fortunately the kilometres go by pretty easy and also the pass isn’t to hard. Along the way to the Dillon reservoir where the campground is, I come across an Osprey’s nest. Two young are still in the nest, and that at the end of august. At home the birds of pray are done with their nest and young much earlier. I realise the breeding season for birds (and other animals) is much shorter here than it is in Western Europe. The winters here last a lot longer. So this Osprey can’t start breeding until the snow and ice is gone and spring has truly started. And that’s later than at our place. At Silverstone, a short distance before the reservoir is the start of a beautiful cycling trail that leads you past the dam and reservoir and then to Breckenridge. Well done! I also meet a lot of cycling Americans here. When they see my equipment, I have to repeatedly explain what it is I’m doing. Once arrived at the campground, I quickly found a nice spot at the lake, put up my tent and enjoyed a freeze-dried meal. Unfortunately it starts to rain and it’s quit cold, so I went into my sleeping bag early for a good nights rest. I wake up at the middle of night by music and the slamming of car doors. I think it will stop soon (usually everybody is quiet at 23.00). But unfortunately it doesn’t stop, the noise is getting louder and the car doors keep getting slammed shut. Around 2 o’clock I get out of my tent and see my neighbours are having a really good time with their car’s music installation! Then I kindly asked them, to quit that crap at once and be quiet. Thankfully that worked immediately, a man came out of the tent making apologies with a thick tongue and promised there would be no more noise :) The following morning a lady (who also was camping there with a tent) came up to me to thank me for saying something about it:)

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