Cycling 5000 km, from Banff in Canada to the US-Mexican border, raising money for MS research.
Togwotee Lodge Campground > Warm Spring Creek Area

Because of the extra miles I did yesterday, I thought today was going to be peanuts. 
There was a pretty big thunderstorm tonight and it had rained quite a lot. Rain pattered on the tent roof, but inside everything stayed nice and dry. When I woke up everything looked promising. So I let my tent to dry, in the tiny bit of sunshine peeking trough the clouds. I also hung my cycling clothes I wore yesterday, they where still cold end wet. 
Campers can take a shower at the hotel for $5. I neatly got a large towel, a small bottle of shampoo, body wash and conditioner. All nice and fresh I got a $12 breakfast with fruit, yoghurt, cereal, egg, bacon, sausages, pancakes, orange juice, coffee, everything! With a breakfast like that I can go on for hours. Eventually I went on my way, it was a beautiful route with a lot of beautiful views! After the Togwotee pass there was quite a great descent and then back into the hinterland. On this side of the mountain pass the weather was quite different, cold and a lot of wind. I put on everything I had, inclusive gloves. Luckily there was a lot less wind in the hinterland. At a couple of places the wildfires had done their devastating work. Then a 7 km steep climb, despite the cold I was sweating quite a bit! After that it stayed relatively flat and I arrived at the campground quickly. On the way I encountered a few fisherman, who where fishing for trout in the stream. They where astonisched to see someone in that cold, on a bicycle and wearing shorts. The field I stopped for the night was quite empty and there was almost no shelter from the cold wind. First I changed into some dry and warmer clothes. Then I put up my tent while being watched by a couple of deer. Warmed up 2 cans of spaghetti and had dinner. Got into my tent early, brrrrrrrr…… 

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